Thursday, July 15, 2010


now im little bit dizzy..letih agaknya+mengantuk..
despite of that,i found myself happy today
u know why?
rs cukup bertuah kerana so far..Allah telah permudahkan perjalananku..
syukur Alhamdulillah..

i have met a beautiful person...warm heart n very friendly..
cam dh kenal lame..kak Hana namanya..
At the first sight,talked with her in phone yesterday, i thought that she's just like me..i mean, muda lagila..dalam 20-an..
studying for her degree like i do..
we set a date which is this morning at Molek Restaurant..

tggu lam 5minit, die pon sampai..driving toyota vios..
borak punya borak...rupanya she is doing her research for phd..
wow...umur dalam 32 tahun..further phd dah..
dalam hati...rajin nya..camne la die dpt allocate masa dgn family lagi..
she has an understanding husband and two kids.both of them boys...
mse balik pon tumpang die..
berkesempatan kenal ngan boys..the eldest one is adam..and the second one...aidil.
if im not mistaken...hahah..muda2 lagi dh nyanyuk.

so far buat research td,ok..berinterview ngan Pn.Rahimah..
alhamdulillah..everything done well..tggu nk salin and type cantek-cantek ape yg direcordkn..
i will meet kak Hana next monday..she is my mentor actually..
she is now a network lecturer..also teach C programming..
then further phd in HCI..xmo pening kepala katanya..haha..
her husband also doing a phd in civil eng...solute betol la ..

lam kereta mcm2 perkara yg diborakkan..
i feel easy wif her..dr cite sal story that i can share with you is about kak Hana'a father n mother in law..
both of them berusia dalam 70-an..
but still carry notebook as a reminder what they are doing today..n the next day n forward..
mak mentua kak Hana ade degree in ******gy which is about study of the human behavior..bekas seorg pengetua ...
she is a good observer (kata kak Hana)..menakutkan..camne la kak Hana nih boleh selected for her menantu..hahah..=D
maknaNya kak Hana nih bukan calang-calang org la kan...

dalam diri nih rs timbul nk further study lg..
nk kutip ilmu n experience dr org cam kak Hana nih.
insyaAllah, i will struggle for my project this semester..
and perhaps everything good happen..


  1. haha bagus. sedap baca post ni. macam lain dah style nedi nulis.

  2. kan2.. style matured.. huhu ~day-o~

  3. hahha..thanks guys...
    matured sgt ke thah??
    tp writing nd teruk..